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Better known as "Sole Sensations."
One can see here how all of Robert’s various design experience and passion
is being combined into a multi-level concept and one of a kind art piece.
His shoe concepts have reached an endless variety of themes and are also now
being developed as funtional table top/party serving and gift items.

He has produced over 150 pieces to date with a vast array of commissions from
Stewart Weitzman Shoe Stores, The Ritz Carlton, Breast Cancer Organizations,
to name just a few. Robert has also attained worldwide press from Europe, Asia,
and the New York Times, and has exhibited in NY, Atlanta, Miami, and LA.
Extended portfolio shown by appointment.

Shoe sculpture available for purchase at:

Please note: additional large shoe-related concepts and props
may be viewed on the Window Displays and Props page

Click on thumbnail images to enlarge


  * “Chevy Impala”
Spandex, Acrylic, Fabrics, Metal & Crystals
  * “There’s No Place Like Home’
Silk, Satin, Spandex, Acrylic,
Vinyl & Crystals
  * “Cherry Pie Mule”
Polymer Clay, Acrylic, Metal, & Rubber
“Brisket Flip Flop”
Silk, Rubber, Foam & Leather
“The Picnic Pump”
Polymer Clay, Crystals, Rubber,
Fabrics & Acrylics
“Spaghetti Stiletto”
Satin, Acrylic, Polymer Clay & Foam
“Drag-On & On”
Polymer Clay, Pearls, Silk, Acrylic & Crystals
“Shoe Fly Shoe”
Silk, Polymer Clay, Acrylic & Crystals
“Fierce Fish”
Acrylic Fingernails, Feathers, Vinyl & Crystals
“Jackie Kennedy”
1st Lady Shoe Collection
“Princess Diana”
1st Lady Shoe Collection
“Hillary Clinton”
1st Lady Shoe Collection
“Barbara Bush”
1st Lady Shoe Collection
“Queen Elizabeth”
1st Lady Shoe Collection
“Marie Antoinette”
1st Lady Shoe Collection

All the 1st Lady Shoe Collection pieces above were commissioned by the Ritz Carlton
of West Palm Beach and used as the permanent art work in their new presidential suite.
There were 12 in the entire collection.

Aqua Fish”
Acrylic, Foam, Fabrics, Feathers & Crystals

Gold Gargoyle”
Polymer Clay, Fabrics & Crystals

“Bird in the Clouds”
Canvas, Acrylic Beads, Feathers & Crystals
* “In A New York Minute”
Fabric, Metal, Acrylic, Vinyl & Crystals
* “Little Red Fire Island Wagon”
Patent Leather, Acrylic, & Rubber
* “1958 Chevy Woody”
Spandex, Polymer Clay, Metal, & Crystals
* “1959 Cadillac”
Vinyl, Leather, Acrylic, & Rubber
“The 18th Hole”
Fabrics, Vinyl, Pearls, Clay & Rubber
“The Cleaning Lady”
Acrylic, Nylon, Rubber & Crystals
Paper, Polymer Clay & Fabrics
* “Dairy Queen”
Spandex. Foam, Acrylics, Paper & Crystals
“Ladies Who Lunch”
Velvet, Acrylic, Foam, & Crystals

“It’s My Party”
Synthetic Hair, Velvet & Rubber

“Sex In The City”
Fabrics, Acrylic & Crystals
“Gaga For Pink”
Fabrics, Acrylic & Crystals
* “Hello Dolly”
Fabrics, Synthetic Hair, Feathers,
Acrylic & Crystals
* “The Ultimate Ruby Shoe”
Various Fabrics, Synthetic Hair,
Vinyl & Crystals
* “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”
Synthetic Hair, Pearls, Metal & Crystals
“Holiday Heels”
Polymer Clay, Velvet, Acrylic & Crystals
“High Heel Candle Sticks”
Feathers, Fabrics & Crystals
Holiday Heels “Red Sleigh”
Patent Leather, Trims & Crystals
“Lime Love Candy Dish”
Feathers, Fabrics & Crystals
“Leopard Candy Dish”
Feathers, Fabrics & Crystals
“Platform Candy Dish”
Acrylic, Fabrics & Rhinestones
“Shoe Chandelier”
For Mattel Toys Barbie Gallery
“I Just Can't Take It Anymore"
For Eyes of Love Art Show / Miami
“Solo Shoe Chandelier”
For LIPS Restaurant / NYC
* Photos: Ellen Liebman NYC